Pub Guide
Barnsley CAMRA's online pub guide has now ended, and thanks go to the Barnsley CAMRA members who put in hours of time writing it. We have now moved on and are using the WhatPub Pub Guide, this is the result of an immense amount of work by CAMRA volunteers and staff.
Descriptions that appear on come from CAMRA branches across the UK, 185,000 volunteers have an input into WhatPub and this is what makes CAMRA's pub guide so different (and we would say better) from other online pub guides.
CAMRA volunteers are key in finding out all the important things we need to know about pubs, including opening times, location and real ales served as well as other information that goes beyond what we use for the CAMRA Good Beer Guide such as photos.
So follow the link to WhatPub.Com and find some great real ales in Barnsley now.
Alternatively for readers using laptops and desktops the image below has direct links to areas of Barnsley, just click on the town near you below and see What Pubs are in that area. The links will open WhatPub.Com in new tabs.
Quick Links to Areas In Barnsley
Click on the Green Dots

The link will take you to WhatPub.Com